Thursday, January 21, 2010

Printer Printer against the wall.....

What started off as a drum replacement turned into much more.
Somewhere along the way, the drivers for the print device I was working on became corrupt. So, instead of going to 50 computers deleting/remapping everyone to it, I decide to go the more "efficient" route, and talk to everyone at once.

First, I was told, by a person in the front, to use the microphone, they can't hear me. I think that is the first time in my life someone has ever told me I'm being too quiet. So, I get on the microphone and begin to explain the process of reinstalling the printer. Surprisingly, it went pretty smooth. The first 80% of my directions went as well as could be expected. I had a few questions, but nothing I wasn't expecting given some of the people in the room.

"Double click on the B_9500 icon, and that will map you to the printer." Without fail, someone objected.
"Which one? There are two 9500s"
"There is only one B 9500"
"No, there are two, 9500, and 9500c"
"Again. There is only ONE 9500 in B, the other is in A."
Somehow, this person CONTINUED to argue with me.
"No, there are 2, a 9500, and 9500c!"
"Again. There is only ONE 9500 in B. The other is in Area A"
No. I did not mistakenly type the same conversation twice. This is how it actually played out.

Thankfully, there was another tech standing who went over and showed this person the error of their ways.

My story does not end there though.

No sooner do I get back to my station, then another "Punisher" comes up and says "The printer isn't working for me, and I know its not my fault, one of your guys set the printer up for me." *sigh* I decided to follow them back. This "All-Star" tells me the printer isn't printing her documents. Now, I can see on the screen that the document successfully printed. So I ask "When did you print this document?" "About a minute ago." I walk over to the print device and see that nothing else is in the que. I am about to tell them to reprint, when I notice, there, ON TOP OF THE PRINTER, FACE UP, is the document that "did not print."


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