Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Culmination of the day

Okay, I got my troubleshooting blog out of the way earlier today, so now I can work on what everyone wants to read about, my "All-Stars." These aren't really stories today, more of just random things said to me. However, the one other bit of troubleshooting I did was entertaining.

I have blogged about something like this before, but I never grow tired of it. This lady came up to me in a panic telling me her email doesn't work. I asked her what made her think this, and she said "I haven't received an email in over 20 minutes!" I asked her if she is sure she has been sent mail. Of course, her answer was no. So, I had her send me a test message, to which I replied, and of course, my name appeared in the 'inbox'. As I was walking away, I told her "Sometimes, people don't get mail, because they aren't suppose to get mail."

I hope this falls under the "Mouth just not saying what the mind is thinking", but its still funny. In a dead serious tone, someone came up to me and said the following:
User: My computer won't type right, everything is in little caps.

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  1. "my computer is possessed! everytime I type, it automatically erases my previous text!"