Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Office 2007 Troubleshooing

So, as my loyal followers, all eight of them, know, I take great pleasure in laughing at the technological challenged. However, there are sometimes in dealing with my All-Stars that I might actually end up learning something. This is one of those times. Unfortunately, this isn't so much an "Id10T" post as it is a "for future reference" post. Sorry if I have let you down, but I'm sure someone will do something mock-worthy in the next few hours to get my blog back on track.

An hour long troubleshooting slash research time waste short, a user from the previous shift was working on a report that they watermarked. Well, this morning, using the "remove watermark" button was not doing what its name implied it would do. Copying and pasting the document into a new one removed the mark, however, it was throwing off the alignment of the report. Doing some research, I came to the conclusion that the document, in one form or another, was created in Word 2003, and 2007 was having an issue translating the text. While that may have been the case, that was not solution.

The author of the document created the watermark as a "header" instead of a watermark. Should this happen to you, clicking the "insert" tab, and then clicking the "Header" button, and then, towards the bottom of the menu, click the "Remove Header" icon, will successfully remove the watermark. While I did not attempt it, I would imagine that "Remove Footer" would also be something to try should the "Header" option not work.

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