Thursday, January 14, 2010

TESTING, testing ONE, TWo, three

Granted, its only been a year, but it never ceases to amaze me how much blame 'equipment' recieves. Take for example someone talking on a microphone. During a briefing, the microphone would 'fade in and out'. Naturally, someone came up to me after the talk to tell me there is "something wrong with the mic". That "something" can be resolved by simply TALKING INTO THE MIC!!! I guess they failed to notice that the mic would "cut out" when the speakers head tilted back, but picked up again when he moved closer.


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    And this, coming from an artsy-fartsy like me!

    I feel for you guys, I really do, the ulcer/alcoholic rate in your line of work must be HUGE!!!

    You're an EASY LURK (I'm morally prohibited from doing the "F" thing!) and have added your blog to my B3's Favourites List 'cause I need a chuckle or two at YOUR expense, it seems!

    So far, these "users" make me feel like Einstein!

    Keep up the awesome work and try not to cry and curl up in a foetal position in your office too much, okay?(wink, wink)


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