Friday, January 15, 2010

The Pen is Mightier

Employers should add another step in the "paperwork" process for new emploee's. For the most part, your first day on the job is spent filling out paperwork anyway, so they might as well add another fifteen minutes so they can take a "Technology Assesment Test", or TAT. The results will determine what, if any, type of equipment the individual will recieve. For example:

If they think the mouse, is a memeber of the rodent family, they will be issued: That may seem harsh, but check out those reviews!
If they are unaware of the concept known as "printing", they will be given a typewriter. The noise may get to be a bit much, so they can be locked in a room and be told to pretend they work at Sterling Cooper. (That is a "Mad Men" reference to those who do not watch the show.)
Lastly, if they show basic knowledge, they will be given a computer (specs/programs of said computer to be deteremined by the score they recieve).

This idea came to me when earlier today someone came up to me telling me he was having printer issues. I asked him what kind of issue, he replied, "I don't know, it won't print".
I do not know what would possess me to ask my next question, I think in any other situation, I would have looked like a complete donkey, luckily, it was the right thing to ask. "Sir, have you tried printing?" "" "Why don't you try printing first, and then tell me if you have an issue."

Congratulations sir. Enjoy your Bic.

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