Thursday, January 14, 2010


(To be clear, I do not hate Haiti, however... the people that are assisting those in need are another story)

I don't understand how people can just become dumb. Maybe they see us (techs) walking around the floor and forget basic computer use. Like meeting a doctor at a bar and asking about a rash on your neck. You know it is not an issue, but you figure, what the hell, he's here.

So far, my favorite "All-Stars" have been:
Person A
This person wanted to know how to access all the emails everyone else was seeing. I asked him if he is trying to see EVERYONE's email, to which he replied "yes". I told him that is not possible, you can only view emails that are sent to you. He said "Oh, well, how do I do that?" "Open...outlook?" "How do I do that?"

Person B
This individual has had a few issues, he is what in our office, we refer to as a "Punisher". He has at least had what I consider to be "valid" questions.... until he hit the "reset" button, and we then had the following conversation:
Person B: So, I hit the reset button... what does that mean?
Me: It means your computer is resetting....
Person B: So... does that mean I have to login again?
Me: Yes.
Person B: All the way?!
Me: ...yes....
Person B: Well, how do I prevent this from happening?
Me: By not pressing reset.

More to come as the day(s) go on.

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