Monday, June 29, 2009

(Insert movie title here)

User needs help setting up new wireless keyboard. Sounds simple enough. I approach the user, and she tells me that she is unable to setup her new keyboard because she does not have admin rights. She then proceeds to hand me the keyboard. I flipped it over and removed the battery cap, and *gasp* there are no batteries. So, I show her there are no batteries in the keyboard. She is LOOKING at the location where the batteries go.
"Batteries?! Well, how many do I need?"
"One.... Two... Two batteries" (I really wanted to do "The Count" laugh, but I didn't want her to feel THAT stupid)
She finally returns with batteries, and I "Setup" the keyboard. By setup, I mean... put the batteries in and hit the "Sync" button. The keyboard worked without fail, nor being prompted for Administrator Rights.
"Oh... do you think the batteries are what the issue was?"
"That my bet ma'am."

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  1. I need admin rights!!! I smell bad because I don't have admin rights!!!