Thursday, March 12, 2009


Yesterday I'm assigned a ticket for a VIP, a new director needs to have her computer setup and configured for her stay here at HQ. Now, I ASSUME (yes, I know what assuming does), that VIP stands for Very Incompetent Person, because that is the kind of person you get when the "VIP" box is checked yes.

So, I head upstairs, and I introduce myself to said VIP, and tell her what I'll be doing, and hand her a piece of paper that she needs to fill out to have her Blackberry authorized. By the look on her face, you would have thought I crapped in my hand and flung it at her. She asked, "Well, can't you do it for me?"
"No ma'am, I can not put your signature on this form."
So, I go into her office, configure her computer, get everything setup, tell her she is setup and that I will check on her tomorrow morning to make sure everythig is working fine.

A few hours later...

I pass her "assistant" as she is leaving my office, and she looks at me and tells me that the password I gave the VIP is wrong, and she can not log into the system. Mind you, this is the password I USED to get into her system in the first place to configure her files. So, we gave them a new password to use, and they continuted to complain that there was something wrong. They then accused me of swapping out keyboads, and giving them one that uses a foreign language. Yes, thats right. They THOUGHT I GAVE THEM A FOREIGN KEYBOARD!!

This morning...

Sticking true to my word, I take a deep breath, smile, and walk upstairs to check on my All-Stars. Sure enough, her assistant is there to greet me, I ask if the VIP is in, she says yes. She then tells me that there where other issues with the computer, and that I screwed up the configuration, and she STILL couldn't get in. She wouldn't tell me what the problem was, all she would tell me is "I called your boss, and he had to help us." I begin walking to the VIPs office, she is watching me go to the closed door. She stares at me while I knock on the door. She then advises me that she is not in her office, she is at an orientation class. Thanks. As far as the "Screw up" was concerned, the new "Director" was typing in her passord.... with MY NAME in the 'LOGIN' field!


(I'm sure the title to this post has been used by someone before, but I did come up with it on my own, and I'm VERY proud of it)

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