Monday, March 16, 2009

More of an IDIOT....

So, this is how my day started. I got out of bed. Okay... we'll jump to the 'How my work day' started. I get a ticket to "Install a Printer". Simple enough. Trying to be ahead of the game, I decide I'll call the user first, find out what kind of print device she is using, download the drivers so I can easily install the necessary software. This is how the conversation went:

Me: This is Nick with the helpdesk.
Her: Hi.
Me: I understand you need a printer hooked up?
Her: Yes.
Me: Okay, what kind is it.
Her: HP.
Me: Okay... what KIND of printer?
Her: HP.
Me: Okay... what is the NUMBER on the printer?
Her: I don't know.
Me: Okay... can you look?
Her: Its in the other room.
Me: Ah. Okay, well what room is that?
Her: The room next to mine!
Me: Ma'am.. there are lots of rooms in HQ, can you plese tell me the room number?
Her: *gives me a room number*

At this point, everyone in my office is laughing at me, and tell me "good luck".

I take a deep breath and go on my way to help out this pleasent person. To my surprise, the HP (a 6300 to anyone that cares), was already in the room. I decide the first thing to do is remove her old printer, which I was moving "next door". I get to the next room, with the printer in hand, and ask her "Where do you want this to go?" She responds "Well, where CAN it go?" I smiled to myself, but bit my tounge. I then re-asked her "Well... it can go anywhere... where do you want it?" "Well, it has to be hooked up to a computer right?" "Only if you want it to print ma'am."


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  1. This is Heather's friend Brie. Heather pointed me here, and your work situations make me laugh so hard. Every single thing you've posted I've seen at some point (I am a network administrator)

    The best and most common complaint I get is simply:
    "The server is down"
    Whether a user cannot log into the server, username or password are wrong, user doesn't have an internet connection, user can log into the server but not open a particular program... These are all instances when "the server is down".

    It's like going to the doctor and immediately saying, "I have AIDS"