Thursday, April 2, 2009

When it rains....

My lack of posts lately is not due to the people in my building suddenly becoming computer smart, I've just been more tolerant of "Special" people lately. Thankfully, yesterday changed that.

I recieved a ticket regarding "Excel not printing properly", so I went up to the room to investigate. Turns out, the person who was requesting assitance was in fact, one of the women who accused me of giving them a foreign keyboard.
"Excels not printing right" is how I was greeted. So I proceeded to follow up with the normal questions.. How long has it been not printing right? What is wrong about it? yada yada. "It ain't printing everything." So I ask her to show me what she means. She clicks print, selects a printer, however, the printer does not print anything. "Oh yeah, its doing that too!" Well, I take a look at the screen, and right there in the top right corner "Out of Paper, Please reload". So, I roll my eyes, and load the paper. She clicks print, again nothing happens. Turns out, she was printing to the WRONG printer. Now, if that was the 'only' issue, I probablly wouldn't even blog about it because she was attempting to print to a Xerox printer, and apparently her computer is mapped to two different Xerox printers (I can only imagine the frustration the users of the OTHER printer must be feeling having to wait for this woman to print a 150 page document, who isn't even in their office), so its an honest mistake to make.
I wish I could say the same for the rest of the conversation.
"Lemme show you what I mean..." she goes through the process of printing, and selects the "Print Pages: " button... but she doesn't input a number. The printer begins printing the 150 page document. So I jump in, and stop the print job and pick up what printed. I had the forsight to change the setting to "Landscape" hoping to make just an outright fool of her. This was not the case.
"See, it don't print everything!"
"Well, let me take a look."
I begin scrolling through the document, which is a list of contacts. The columns go from "A" to AB"! I tried to explain to her that the document is too long to print.
"Well, what if I put it on an 11 by 13?"
"You'll more likely need an 11 by 100"

*pre-post edit*
I tried typing out the rest of the conversation, but it really is just a waste of time. The only thing that was accomplished in that particular five minute segment of my life was that she did not undersand the concept of the document being too wide to be able to print. She then wanted me to import an Excel file into Access. I told her that is not possible (if it is, please let me know).
This too, took another several minutes to explain.

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