Friday, April 3, 2009

And the Winner is.......

I really feel like I should just quit blogging after this. I really can't imagine there will be any story that will be able to top this. Looking back at some previous posts, I can make cases for all (Well... most... the foreign keyboard story is pretty bad), of the people I come across, but not this one.

It started off with a ticket stating something to effect of "My margins in Word are off." So, I call down to the user, no answer, so I write an email to her advising her to call/email me back when she is available. About five minutes later I got an email from the Helpdesk stating:
"... is trying to get in touch w/you regarding your message you left her; however, her email is down. She said she is still having computer troubles."

Now, that is bad enough... but it gets BETTER!

I go down to take a look at why she is not recieving emails only to discover....
OUTLOOK WAS NOT OPEN!! (Yes, when outlook was opened, she could recieve emails.)


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  1. I think this one ties for Biggest Computard with the previous incident.