Friday, April 3, 2009

The Password is:

This doesn't really rate very high on the ID10T scale, but I'm going to post it because the conversation that took place to resolve the issue frustrated me. I recieved a ticket regarding setting up a users Blackberry. So, I go up there, and he tells me that he needs a password for it. I was like.. umm.. okay.. put a password in.
"No, I mean I need THE password for it, I don't know what it is." Befuddled by his request, I asked to see his blackberry. Sure enough, his Blackberry had been setup, and was configured to him. I knew this because the BLACKBERRY SAID WELCOME *insert user name here*!! So I ask him if he was here when he setup the bb, and he said he was. I was like okay... well... what password did you use?
"Oh, I never setup a password."
Now, mind you, THE FIRST STEP to setting up a Blackberry is configuring a password.
If you forget your password, thats fine, just admit it. I'm far less likely to write about you if you're honest with me.

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