Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sorry, we're out of internets.

There was a power-surge in one of the buildings last night/this morning, which caused our network in the building to go 'offline'. While our network guys were fixing the problem, I was tapped to do the wonderful task of telling people as they walked in (because, they couldn't read the sign that we posted on the door), "There was a poor outage last night, and all of the internet/network at this site is currently unavailable. We are currently fixing the problem, and it will be ready when its ready."
The floor I was assigned is in fact, an "IT" floor. These people are government employee's. I had the following conversation, I kid you not, at LEAST five times.

Me: * Sch-peal*
User: Oh, well I can still user the internet right?
Me: No *Sch-peal*
User: Oh, well, I can still get email right?
Me: No, *Sch-peal*
User: Why not? It is just Outlook.


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