Thursday, May 20, 2010

Whats in a name anyway?

Earlier today, I had one of the weirdest conversations of the past... well, few days anyway. I have been a part of MANY strange conversations in my day ("Who would win in a fight, a Cat or a Squirrel with a shoulder cannon?" being at the top of the list). This conversation wasn't with a user, but I still deem it blog-worthy.

As a setup, we were instructed to take inventory of all the equipment we have been issued. The email stated who we should send the email to. I am not the person. I share two common letters of my first name with the person, thats about it. His name is shorter than mine, and our last name are nothing alike.
I return to my desk after grabbing lunch, and notice someone looking at my name plate. I didn't think anything of it, until about five minutes later when I got an email with said persons equipment list. Being the smart-a$$ I am, I called him out saying I'm not the person that he needs to send this to. "Yes you are" he tells me. He then goes to my name plate and says "See?"
I look at the person next to me and say... "Yeah... thats my name, but again, I'm not the person you are suppose to send it to."
"Oh. Well, we need to change this nameplate then."
"Because, its not who it says it is."
"No, it does say who sits there. We don't need to change the nameplate, OR my name. You just need to send the email to the right person."

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