Tuesday, April 27, 2010

LEGO my... D'oh!

I was going to hold off on writing this, but I decided, I needed to get something written in the month of April, so here we are.

Along with the test I suggested everyone take when they are hired, I am also going to recommend all new people get a pack of LEGOs with their welcome packet to see if they can understand the concept of putting together basic shapes.

I was playing phone tag of sorts with this particular user for a day or two. In my defense, my ticket only said it was a local printer install, so while I was attempting to make find a conveninet time for both of us, he was not my most pressing issue as he could always just walk the extra ten feet and go to the other print device. I walked into this person office and his boss says "Finally, (person x) can start working)!" So, I proceed to find out what needs to be done. Turns out, he needs his Docking Station, SECOND Monitor, Blackberry configured, and Printer setup. The only thing that actually requires IT help, is the Blackberry and printer setup, as they need software installed. The docking station and second monitor is "Put the round peg in the round hole" Sesame Street stuff that two and three year olds do (shout out to Peter and Aaron!). This user was apparently telling his boss that he couldn't do any work without all of his accessories setup.
I think I'm going to claim that I am unable to work because I don't have an iPad. I wonder if my company will cave and get me one....

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