Friday, March 26, 2010

Printer? I hardly knew her.

Phew. I am glad I got to blog one more time this month. Two thousand and ten started off pretty fast, but things started to slow down these past few weeks. However, if I haven't said it before, I am saying it now, never underestimate the power (or lack there of) of the human mind.

I received a ticket regarding a printer that "Suddenly stopped working". So, I go down to take a look at it. There, on the printer in question, is a note that says "Printer broken, ticket number ". Well, the first thing I notice, is the printer, is in fact turned off. Chuckling to myself, thinking there HAS to be more to this, I turn the print device back on. After it powers on and runs through the test, I get another notification of what just MIGHT be wrong with the printer. There, on the screen, is a message saying "replace toner on three drums". So, my question now isn't whats wrong with the printer, its "When was the "printer broken" sign put on the machine?" Was it when the message was displayed that you need to replace the toner, or was it placed on the machine when it was turned off?


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