Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Paper Weight

Ah blogging. How I have missed you. Its such a shame that I don't get more blog-worthy entries on a daily basis. I guess that just make the select few that much more special.

Now, pay attention, maybe you can help this user too!

Yesterday, we stopped in on a user who explained to us that his printer doesn't work properly. Apparently, the printer "shredded" paper as it was trying to feed. He then mentioned that it only does it when he puts a lot of paper in the tray, but when he puts about 3/4 the normal amount, the printer works fine. He then showed us, that the printer does in fact work, when he only put one ream of paper into the tray. The one tech that I was with told the user that he will "Take a look at the printer." Can you guess what I said to him, and what I advised the user to do in the future?

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