Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Just when I thought that August was going to

be a slow month for my All-Stars, I struck gold!

The conversation started with the user asking me when we were going to update to Windows 2007. I said probablly never, because it doesn't exist. She replied with "Well, I'm running it at my house!" "Are you sure you aren't running Vista?" "Oh....."

So, she tells me that her system clock is off by about 4 minutes, and it is making her late to meetings. I told her that is most likely her system battery as the first indication that it is weak is the system clock slows down. So I boot into her profile, and her clock shows the same time as the phone on her desk. I told her the clock is fine, and she argued with me. I said okay... Computer - 3:31, Telephone -3:31, my Blackberry - 3:31. She then looked at her watch, and to which I responded "Maybe its time to get a new watch battery."

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