Friday, September 18, 2009

A few of my favorite things

Its been a relatively slow month of September for us here. I hate to say we "need" a hurricane to liven things up, but FEMA could use a disaster or two to help spiff up my blog.

We've been updating laptops over the past few days/weeks, and I find it entertaining when people come into our office to say things like "I need to have my profile created on my laptop" (which just involoves the user logging in), or "I need to have my password updated" (which again, is just the user logging into their laptop). The other day, I did notice a first, and felt that it was a sight worth blogging about. What is it you ask? The "Show Desktop" icon located wherelese, but on the desktop. Not in the system tray, or taskbar, but on the ACTUAL desktop.


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