Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Today I went to see an individual who was experiencing problems activiating their blackberry. They told me they have been unsuccessful the past two weeks at following the directions provided, and if I could please take the device and see if I can activated. I obliged.

I followed the directions, and sure enough the blackberry did not activate. I tried it once more, thinking that maybe there was something wrong with the connection, still it failed to activate. I was about to throw the device across the room when I thought of one POSSIBLE solution.

Now you see, Blackberry's, despite their exotic fruity naming convention, are quite simple to use. They are linked to an email account, which notifies the carrier of said device, "Hey, someone just emailed you, here is the message." Due to its ablility to keep you connected, it does require one thing. That one thing is the ability to spell. More specifically, the ability to spell your name. Our email address's (in most cases) are just our names, so this skill is very handy to have when you are inputting it into the "email address" field. Upon looking at the settings, I saw this person did not possess this skill.

There are ten letters in their name, so getting one or two confused is inevitable right?

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