Friday, July 2, 2010


User: I need help printing.
Me: Okay. What seems to be the problem?
User: Where does the document go when I print?
Me: .... to the print device?
User: No, I mean which one?
Me: The printer you selected...?
User: But where is it?

[Nick looks over the computer and notices the user is attempting to print to "OneNote"]

Me: Well, first, you're not actually printing to a print device...
User: I know, but when this screen pops up [pointing to the OneNote image], where does it go?
Me: It goes to the screen...? The file doesn't move, it stays where you opened it from.
User: Okay, but then why can't I print it?
Me: Because you don't have an ACTUAL Printer selected.
User: I know because...
Me: Here. [Clicks on a printer] You're all set. Just hit print, and walk over to THAT printer to pick up what you want printed.

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