Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The One without a title

Yesterday, I was 'tapped' to be the tech for an exercise that the DHS is conducting. Its easy enough, I just need to walk through a room of about 100 people every half-hour or so, and see if anyone needs any "technical assistance". Simple enough...

I watch a user go to the printer. I notice him staring at the blinking light. I notice him staring at the LCD screen. He then comes to me saying he can't print. Well, thinking "everyone else seems to be printing okay, maybe he just has a bad connection", I go to his desk and click "Print Test Page", and the process goes through, however, I notice the "attention" light blinking on the printer. I walk over to the printer. I notice the SAME blinking light. I look at the SAME LCD screen. Anyone want to guess as to what was on the screen? If you guessed "Out of Paper" you are smarter than this guy.


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