Thursday, November 19, 2009

"The Gang gets a Book"

Our office has recently taken to the idea of writing down all the funny things they hear on a daily basis and putting them into a book. They have called it their "One D Ten T" book. What a GREAT idea... I wish someone told them about this idea a few months ago! :-/

Anyway, here are a few excerpts from said book:

"I don't use laptops, does the Shift Key capitalize the letters?"

User: Why does my computer keep beeping?
Tech: You are pressing the CTRL Key instead of the Shift Key. The Shift key capitalizes the letters.

User: Okay, so I don't have to click on this 'e' icon for internet, I just type google?
Tech: No, you still need to open up Internet Explorer.

User: When the battery low is flashing, do I just need to plug it in?
Tech: Yes.

These are not all the quotes from the book, just some of my personal favorites.

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